Hard to believe how much things have changed in a decade!

From the Lower East Side of Manhattan to the lower east coast of Connecticut, our vision to create more comforting, more accessible classic cuisine continues to see new opportunities.

We've already redefined meatballs – sorry Nonna! – and now we want to redefine what The Meatball Shop can mean for our communities. 

Because more than wanting a single item restaurant for many of us to enjoy, we believe that tomorrow's neighborhoods are needing singular places where any of us can belong.

We're growing with the times: shifting focus to a fuller, more familial, and more modern Italian experience, with amazing new appetizers and drinks, pasta dishes, items to share and main courses to savor, and a bunch of gluten-free and vegan delights throughout....and even as the brand evolves, the meatballs won't......we still have the classics! This is only available at our Chelsea Shop, 200 9th Ave for now, but with your support, will roll out to the other locations by Spring 2020

So, come share a meal and make a memory with us...again. Check out our full letter here, and the menu below.


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To ensure the most baller experience, we require parties of 8 or more to order from our Family Style Menu

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Ask about our Private Events for larger groups.