Dear Family,

As you already know, all New York City restaurants will be shuttering dining rooms effective 3/17/2020.  But the Meatball Shop’s commitment to the community has never been stronger.  

The Meatball Shop will remain open for takeout and delivery of both food and booze. Our Teams are on board and committed to following our newly implemented stringent hygienic protocol.  Our system reaches beyond those set forth by the CDC and local government agencies and ensures separation of services creating a contactless order of operation from our shops to your table.

With that said, in order to make this work we’ll need your help. 

We will only be able to accept orders placed in advance, via telephone, our website or through our delivery partners.  Orders will be staged in our entryway for pickup or through front windows to ensure hygienic separation.  All contact surfaces will be disinfected between orders so there will be no chance of cross contamination.   We ask that you respect the CDC guidelines to distance yourselves from one another while picking up food.  

In addition to the specials listed below we are setting up a gift card fund directly benefiting our teams.  Moving forward 25% of all gift card sales will be set aside to help our hardest hit employees find their way through these difficult times.  

And of course… wouldn’t be The Meatball Shop if we didn’t have SOME FUN, so here are a few of the specials we have lined up for you

1.     Every order over $100 comes with a free roll of 2 ply TP – (not joking - and if you actually need a roll but don’t have 100 bucks let us know and we’ll throw one in)

2.     Sanitizer mouth kits - Gargling with booze really does work -  Moscow Mule Kits, Fool Aid, Sangria, Bottled Old Fashioned. Serves four, just add ice.

3.     Frozen Meatballs – a bucket of 20 frozen balls and a jar of sauce $50

4.     Lasagna for the family – half tray of Lasagna eat some now, freeze the rest for another day

.........More to come as we find fun and creative ways to keep you all happy, healthy and well fed.  

Follow us on instagram @meatballers for new offers and updates.

We love you, we need your help and we want to be there for you so please let us know what you need and how we can best be of service.  

Stay healthy,

Your friendly local Meatball Super Heroes


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