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Dear Ballers...

December 5, 2019

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Feels like everyone nowadays is looking back on the decade and marveling at how things have changed and how each of us has grown.

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When The Meatball Shop first opened in the Lower East Side 10 years ago we couldn't have imagined becoming the global brand that we've become or building as tight of a community as we have.

We just wanted to craft the best meals and create the most comforting restaurant we could imagine: where our friends and family could properly unwind without breaking the bank.

And though redefining meatballs was a big part of that vision –  sorry Nonna! – serving our community was even more so.

This is why we're a 'Shop' above all else and especially so moving forward; because tomorrow's neighborhoods need, more than ever, singular places where any of us can belong (rather than just single products for all of us to buy).

Of course, we'll keep ballin' – with the highest standards in sourcing and ethical practices – and stay balanced with our local veggies as we always have.

But it's time that we, like you, also grow into our own a bit more and shift focus to a fuller, more modern Italian experience: with amazing new appetizers, pasta dishes, items to share and main courses to savor, and a bunch of gluten-free and vegan delights throughout.

And yes, we've expanded the drink menus too!

We want to try this out with you – your opinion has always strongly flavored our decision-making – so we're first piloting this new menu at the Chelsea Shop (200 9th Avenue, NYC), and then, with your support, rolling it out to every location by Spring 2020.

Beyond the menu, we'll also be experimenting with elevating other aspects of the more inclusive, more communal values we've always championed (and want to champion even more).

Tastes change, but

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So, as you've done for the last decade, we ask that you continue for the next one: share a meal and make a memory with us...

...a growing family. We hope you like the new menu as much as we do. Check it out.

With excitement,
Adam, CEO, and The [Meatball] Shop Family


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